About Us

We launched JH Newscast in April 2022 based on this shared belief: The world needed smarter, more efficient coverage of the topics shaping the fast-changing world. Our Team collaborates to bring big ideas to life, through intelligent storytelling with a diverse point of view that underscores all that we do.
JH Newscast is a digital platform disseminating news, analysis and commentary. Using our social media platforms; we provide unbiased information about our world and empower and engage our readers with news that represents the full range of perspectives across the world. We are firmly committed to the public interest and democratic values. We take immense pride in informing in new and compelling ways, creating beautiful, visually arresting moments that offer new perspectives, and new forms of self-expression.

We cover almost all areas of interest to viewers including news, entertainment and lifestyles, business, sports, science and social and developmental issues and we are always in the pursuit of excellence – innovating and improving to give our readers the best experience ever. JH Newscast creates news with an edge for viewers who want to question more. We cover stories overlooked by the mainstream media, provide alternative perspectives on current affairs, and on major global events.
Collectively, we are committed to inform, entertain and educate all those who search for knowledge, understanding and empowerment. We speak for a community who will finally see their stories portrayed in our media every day.